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Bristan Quest hot & cold bath mixer tap cartridge replacement

See 'Terms of Use'. Guides are followed & used at your own risk.

Tools & Consumables



Allen key (not for version shown)


PTFE tape

Jointing compound


1: Isolate hot & cold water supplies to Bristan Quest (BQ). Ensure no flow from BQ when 1/4 turn handles are operated.

2: Remove hot & cold water feeds from BQ.

3: Optional: Remove BQ mixer tap from bath (makes removal of 1/4 turn handles easier). Undo BQ retaining nuts under bath.

4: If BQ 1/4 turn handles are screw secured, remove rear caps & undo grub screws. If no cap at rear, as per pictured they are friction fit.

5: Protect chrome on handles (tape). Pull or gently tap 1/4 turn handles to release from main body.

6: Remove nylon spline adaptors. Undo/remove screws & pull adaptors away from brass splines on cartridge.

7: Remove hot & cold cartridges with spanner. Note! Gentle heat may needed to break the bond between the cartridge & main body.

8: Clean cartridge housing threads on BQ.

9: Use water safe silicone spray on cartridge o-ring seals. Note! Do NOT use lubricants that will degrade o-ring seals. Install hot & cold cartridges to BQ main body using a spanner. Note! Cartridges are colour coded, install in the correct location. 

10: Refit nylon spline adaptors & securing screws.

11: Refit 1/4 turn push on handles.

12: Refit BQ tap to bath.

13: If possible, flush hot & cold lines prior to re-installing water feeds. Replace degraded rubber or fibre washers. Re-connect hot & cold water feeds. 

14: Turn on hot & cold water supplies, via isolators.

15: Check for leaks.

16: Check BQ operation.

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