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Apex Metal Shed (6' x 3')

See 'Terms of Use'. Guides are followed & used at your own risk.

Tools & Consumables



SDS drill & bits

Sealer/Sealant gun

A second person on occasion

Issues, Hints & Improvements

1) Consider adding rivets or screws with 'Nyloc' nuts to improve security at:

All vertical panels (can be unscrewed & access obtained).

Door handles (can be unscrewed, which renders a padlock useless).

Sliding hinge cover plate (can be unscrewed, potentially doors could be removed).

2) Use a lubricant to assist self tapping screw installation.

3) Hand tighten self tapping screws to avoid over tightening i.e. don't use a drill.

4) Wear gloves to avoid sharp edges.

5) Wear safety spec's.

6) Loosely place all panel screws before tightening that panel.

7) If flying solo securing a roof panel, with the nut inside the shed, screw head outside. Stop the screw rotating with a weight or magnet on the top side, while you add the nut.


1: Having constructed a square, level base i.e. slab base.

Follow manufacturers apex metal shed installation instructions.

Below a condensed overview of manufacturers instructions:

Identify parts & ensure all have been supplied.

Construct 2 off vented apex assemblies (triangular front & rear panels).

Construct 2 off doors.

Fold 45 degree corner panels to 90 degrees.

Construct base frame. Ensure its squared.

Position the base frame on the slab base. Note! Do not fix to slab base at this stage.

Install 4 off corner panels to base frame.

Install mid height horizontal rails to corner panels.

Install upper level horizontal rails.

Install front & rear vented apex assemblies.

Install roof 'i' beam.

Install side & rear panels.

Install vertical filler panels, each side of the doors.

Note! Some metal shed variants require the roof assembly to be assembled separately and lifted on by 2 people.

Install pitched roof front & rear edge panels.

Install roof filler panels.

Install apex capping panel.

Install roof panel edge trim to sides & corner pieces.

Install door threshold strip.

Install doors to sliding track/door threshold.

Drill slab base, plug & screw/bolt down lower shed frame.

Seal interior side of lower base frame.

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